2016 February Field Trial RESULTS

OPEN All age 

1st #10 AFC Midnight Shooter III Owner/Handler: Pat & Debi Nicholls

2nd #15 Booty III Owner: Keely Morin – Handler: J. Patopea

3rd #30 FC AFC Flyway’s Long Tall Sally Owner: Helen & Don Graves Handler: Luann Pleasant/Don Graves

4th #19 Make It Happen Captian Owner: Gary Zellner Handler: Gary Zellner/Jerry Patopea

Res. Jam #3 Magic Bloux Marker Owner/Handler: Chris Robles

Jam #37 FC AFC Citori’s No Holds Barred Owner: Bill Sargenti & Michael & Lynn Moore Handler:  Bill Sargenti

 AMATEUR All age –

1st #26 FC AFC Parriette’s Abby Gale Owner/Handler: David Zalunardo

2nd #17 FC AFC Make it Happen Captain Owner/Handler: Gary Zellner

3rd #15 FC AFC Midnight Shooter III Owner/Handler: Pat & Debi Nicholls

4th #20 FC AFC Flyway’s Long Tall Sally Owner: Helen & Don Graves Handler: Luann Pleasant/Don Graves

Res. Jam #21 Midnight Lights Out Tazer Owner/Handler: Pat & Debi Nicholls

Jam #5 FC AFC Watermark’s The Black Pearl Owner: Xan Latta & Cal Cadmus Handler: Cal Cadmus

Jam #8 AFC Yakitys Crackshot Ruddy Duck Owner/Handler: Julie Cole

Jam #11 Magic Bloux Marker Owner/Handler: Chris Robles

Jam #29 FC Utopian Sixteen Hands Owner/Handler: Gary Zellner


1st #8 Here Wego Now Owner/Handler: Stacey Tompson

2nd #12 Semper Cooper’s Mulligan QAA Owner/Hander: Lee Herskowitz

3rd #15 Lone Willow’s Poconip Express Owner: Dave Rowan Handler: Dave Rowan /Josh Conrad

4th #10 Flyway’s Iron Lady Owner: Helen & Don Graves Handler: Luan Pleasant

Res. Jam #14 Q-P’s Sweet Talking Sam Owner/Handler: Karen Young

Jam #2 Bigwoods Spooky Oprah Mae Owner: Robert McFarlane MD Handler: Jane & Jerry Patopea/Robert McFarlane

Jam #19 Blue Moon’s Sir Francis Drake Owner/Handler: George Rogers


1st #16 IRONMAN Owner: Cindy HuffHandler: Josh Conrad

2nd #6 Tealcreek Dagger Owner/Handler: Chris Hatch

3rd #7 Crackshot’s No Potatoes Owner/Handler: Julie Cole

4th #3 Here Comes The Calvary Owner/Handler: Chris Robles

Res. Jam #9 Black Lager Eleven Owner: Rich Charrier Handler: Jane & Jerry Patopea/Rich Charrier

Jam #8 Blue Moon’s Sir Francis Drake Owner/Handler: George Rogers

Jam #13 Bayside’s Blue Water Sprite SH Owner/Handler: Lowell Mason

Jam #15 Grouse Creek’s A.C. Cobra Owner/Handler: Jay Phelps

Jam #17 TOPBRASS’ YTS ICE COLD BUD III Owner/Handler: Bill Lawson

Jam #18 Waqzu’s SunSuite Standing Ovation JHOwner/Handler: Deborah Tandoc

Two more siblings add FC titles.

Two more pups from the Ruby X Saber litter finish their FC titles. 

FC AFC Buck In Bobby finished his FC title at the Shasta Cascade Trial.

FC AFC Midnight Shooter finished his FC title at the Wood River Trial.

They join their sister, FC AFC Flyway's Long Tall Sally and brother, FC AFC Cool Fuel MH, all with their FC AFC titles. Congratulations to the owners of these wonderful dogs. And finally, CONGRATULATIONS to their very special breeders.


OPEN All age -

1st #23   FC-AFC Parriette's Abby Gale Owner/Handler: David Zalunardo

2nd #19 FC-AFC Tealcreek Patton's Saber Owner/Handler: Chris Hatch

3rd #16 AFC Midnight Shooter III Owner/Handler: Pat & Debi Nicholls

4th #34 Powderhorns Downtown Daisy Mae Owner/Handler: Jerry fletcher

Res. Jam #26 DC-AFC Yakity's Shake Rattle 'N' Roll Owner: Linda Harger – Handler: Linda Harger/Jerry Patopea

Jam #13 FC AFC Mission Mountain Rockin' Amadeus Owner/Handler: Marilyn & Bob Dahlheim

Jam #14 CH Fireweed's Poison Ivy Owner:Brett Crow – Handler: Jerry Patopea/Linda Harger

 AMATEUR All age --

 1st #3  AFC Midnight Shooter III  Owner/Handler: Pat & Debi Nicholls 

2nd #9 FC-AFC Tealcreek Patton's Saber  Owner/Handler: Chris Hatch  

3rd #15 AFC Roux's Blackthorn Banshee  Owner/Handler: Ellen McNeill  

4th #4 Cow Creek Tessa  Owner/Handler: Phil Prather  

Res. Jam #2 FC AFC Watermark's The Black Pearl  Owner/Handler: Xan Latta/Cal Cadmus  

Jam #11 Topbrass Montana Lonesome Dove OS  Owner/Handler: John Robinson

 Jam #13 Kerryburke's Marsh Madness MH  Owner/Handler: Kerry Lavin

 Jam #20 Powderhorns Downtown Daisy Mae  Owner/Handler: Jerry fletcher

 Jam #29 Things That Are Red For 500  Owner/Handler: John Robinson

 Jam #31 Princess of Monaco  Owner: Loren Crannell – Handler: Gale Mettenbrink/Jerry Patopea

 Jam #33 Roux's VooDoo Queen of New Orleans QAA  Owner/Handler: Ellen McNeill


1st #10 Life is a Rush Owner/Handler: Marilyn & Bob Dahlheim

2nd #1 pure labs back to the future Owner/Handler: Pete Goodale

3rd #6 SAILOR'S DELITE @ DIAMOND P Owner/Handler: TJ Lindbloom

4th #7 Semper Cooper's Mulligan Owner/Handler: Lee Herskowitz

Res. Jam #9 Feather River Pond Star Owner/Handler: Mark Johnson


1st #10  PepperJack's Marsh Surfer Owner/Handler: Kerry Lavin

2nd #7 Pirate's Seahawk Owner/Handler: Gary Zellner

3rd #2 Q-P'S Sweet Talking Sam Owner/Handler: Karen Young

4th #1 Sinistor Black Owner: Rich Charrier – Handler: Jerry Patopea

Res. Jam #6 BK'S MOONSHADOW'S WATER DANCE Owner: Ralph Klinkers IV – Handler:  Brooke Vandebrake